Booking Your Teaching Schedule

Once you are accepted as our teacher, you will go to click the upper right SIGN IN button to create your account and profile. We will be redirected to our TeamBooking Calendar page to authorize the connection to your personal Google Calendar. In your google account you can created as many calendars as your can, you may create a unique Google Calendar specifically to use  for schedule your teaching time for ensquare.

Since the authorization process is something that happens between TeamBooking and your Google Calendar, it’s important to understand that your must go through the following authorization steps while logged in your own Google Account.

How can I give this authorization?

In order to give the authorization, go to the Personal settings tab in your TeamBooking dashboard. Press the Authorize button.

Now, two things can happen:

  • If you are not logged in your Google Account. A Google Login prompt will appear, and you are invited to login. After the login, Google asks you to confirm the authorization to TeamBooking. Just confirm, and you will be redirected back to your Personal settings tab, where your Google Account is now authorized.

  • If you are already logged into your Google Account. Same as the previous one, but without the login step.

TeamBooking is now able to interact with your Google Account. Just one thing is left: choose one or more Google Calendars from your account.

Select your Google Calendar

Once you gave the authorization, TeamBooking is able to interact with his Google Account. After that, he must choose the Google Calendar(s) you want to use (as you may already know, a Google Account can have unlimited Google Calendars).

Go to Team Booking => Personal Settings tab, and press the Add new button.

A modal will appear. Here you can select one of your Google Calendars.

Add it, and a new row in the table appears with your calendar properties. It’s very important to ensure that the status is synced. Otherwise, just press the Sync button under actionsto perform a manual sync request.

You can also check the Google Calendar’s timezone and compare it to the local WordPress timezone. The plugin’s frontend calendar always transpose all the times to the local timezone by default, unless the customer changes the displayed timezone.

You can add multiple Google Calendars, if you need to. Just repeat the step.

At this point, Team Booking knows from which of your Google Calendars the data must be fetched.

If you have followed all the previous steps, now the plugin is ready to work. You should now begin to plan availabilities.

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